Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Committee for Responsible Land Use Discusses Comment

Bob asked in his comment, "Who is CFS, LLC?"

Good question, Bob. The CFS, LLC team and investors have kept their identities concealed. We know that Wayne Nelson is associated in some way with the project. The President and CEO of CFS, LLC, Annalisa Cariveau, is a college student. Annalisa's mother, Wendy, is listed as the Business Manager for CFS, LLC. Annalisa is, most likely, fronting the organization for her Dad, Mike Cariveau. CFS, LLC documents list either Mike Cariveau's business or home address. You may be familiar with Mike Cariveau because he's the person responsible for bringing the cigarette boat rally to the Apostle Islands.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Committee for Responsible Land Use files legal claim

Bayfield County residents, business owners, and community leaders, living near a 380-acre parcel proposed for development as a private airstrip, condominiums and hotel complex, formed a group called the "Committee for Responsible Land Use" and have filed a legal claim against Bayfield County, to zoning changes on the property in the Town of Russell. The group seeks to halt a development to be known as "Shadow Wood Landing," which includes plans for a private jet airstrip, 125 housing units, condominiums, a hotel and tavern, and gas station. The Bayfield County Board discussed the claim behind closed doors at their March meeting.