Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Committee for Responsible Land Use Discusses Comment

Bob asked in his comment, "Who is CFS, LLC?"

Good question, Bob. The CFS, LLC team and investors have kept their identities concealed. We know that Wayne Nelson is associated in some way with the project. The President and CEO of CFS, LLC, Annalisa Cariveau, is a college student. Annalisa's mother, Wendy, is listed as the Business Manager for CFS, LLC. Annalisa is, most likely, fronting the organization for her Dad, Mike Cariveau. CFS, LLC documents list either Mike Cariveau's business or home address. You may be familiar with Mike Cariveau because he's the person responsible for bringing the cigarette boat rally to the Apostle Islands.


Anonymous said...

Whenever Annalisa is at a Town or County meeting, Wayne is with her. What is his connection to CFS, LLC?

Anonymous said...

Are there any other projects like this that have tried to come to the area in the past?

Committee for Responsible Land Use said...

There hasn't been a project of similar scope in this area. The Apostle Highlands Golf Course project was similar in that it included both commercial and residential development, but was, however, dissimilar in location, view, density, and so forth.