Thursday, April 2, 2009

Suit filed over Shadow Wood Landing project

A lawsuit has been filed against Bayfield County in response to its September 30 decision to rezone lands for a controversial development, Shadow Wood Landing, a private, members only community, which includes plans for a private jet landing strip, a hotel, restaurant, bar, gas station, rental condominiums, and private homes, in rural Russell Township approximately 5 miles northwest of Bayfield. CFS, LLC, the Twin Cities development company planning the project, has no prior development experience.


Anonymous said...

Zoning is a game you have to play. The County can say it was the Town's call and the Town can say it's the County's ordinance, and no one cares what the Comp Plan says any more than they care what the zoning laws say. I know this from working in local gov't and seeing it happen over and over. Words are one thing and deeds are another.
The way you win these things is to drum up local support for your position and take it to the electeds, who rarely have the spine to oppose neighbors (esp. certain universally respected ones) no matter what the issue. Don't waste your $$ on a lawsuit and instead work, if you must, to kill or overload the required CUPs or plats by persuading your peers and the Town/County politicians. If you can't do that, you've arguably lost -- that's democracy. Unseat them if needed.
The lawyers will probably just bleed you. County zoning is not required to jibe with its comp plan until 2010, so attacking from that angle may be premature and suggests to me that all you've found is a lawyer willing to take your cash.
If you want to bring in the wrath of a law, your odds are just as good (albeit bad overall) to prove that they have endangered flora/fauna, wetlands, or flaws in land title. You may also have more luck looking for procedural mistakes in the ShadowWood zoning application process (correct signatures, hearing notices, etc.) than in going after the comp plan.
Aside from that you may want to look into the airport side of things and see if you can mess up the flight path in some way. Wind tower or whatever. Fight development with development of a conflicting kind.
Comp planning and zoning are a crock. When it comes time to dole out the pain prescribed in either, the politicians rarely have the nads if they're like most.

Committee for Responsible Land Use said...

We assume the author of this comment means "land use plan" instead of "comp plan".