Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shadow Wood Landing: the "Aspen of the Midwest?"

It has been suggested that the developer wants to make Bayfield "The Aspen Colorado" of the upper Midwest, and that this development will create substantial employment opportunities and new business for area merchants. Those who directly experienced the construction "boom" in Aspen note that virtually all labor and materials were imported from Denver or Salt Lake City, and that local citizens and businesses were not benefitted. It is highly likely, in spite of claims to the contrary, that this Minneapolis developer will import her resources from the Twin Cities, and long-term "substantial employment opportunities" will, most likely, be service sector jobs such as waitressing, house cleaning, and motel room cleaning. In addition, as upscale construction proceeded in Aspen, living costs and taxes escalated so substantially, that families who had lived and worked there for generations could no longer afford the area, and were forced to relocate. The Shadow Wood Landing development could, ultimately, have a similar effect on the Bayfield community should the out-of-state developer realize her "vision".

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