Monday, June 15, 2009

Annalisa Sends Solicitation to Community Members

CFS-LLC President and Chief Executive Officer, Annalisa Cariveau, is sending out a new email solicitation titled "Invitation to Plant the Facts". After the negative response to her deceptive email last week sent to some local business owners and community leaders asking them to "sign up for sustainability", she is now soliciting contact information from some local residents, so she can send a "Planting the Facts mailer".

Annalisa reviewed her development plans with the Bayfield County Economic Development Committee a few weeks ago, seeking support for her "sustainable and green" development. As in her previous presentations to the Town of Russell, and the County Zoning Committee, she describes her venture in vague, general terms, sharing little specific information. When asked directly about the airport noise and pollution, she replied that only a few planes will land at her luxury fly-in resort community. Of course, to be commercially successful, more than a few business class jet aircraft will need to regularly utilize the Stratosphere Landing Airport for which CFS-LLC has requested FFA approval.

Tell Annalisa you want the facts - the real facts. Tell Annalisa that propaganda, and not facts, are "planted". Facts are self-evident truths, which have been largely conspicuous by their absence in Annalisa’s assessment of the impact of her Shadow Wood Landing Airport and development upon the local community. Specifically, how will the proposed Shadow Wood Landing Airport, hotel, restaurant, gas station and luxury home development sustain the rural character, natural resources, and quality of life of the Bayfield Peninsula? What will this development really sustain other than the income stream for the Cariveau family and a few associates? Who are the CFS-LLC investors and officers?

See Annalisa's "Planting the Facts: Seeding the Roots into the Community for a Growing Future" Website at

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