Monday, December 28, 2009

Your Elected Representatives Working for You?

Bayfield County residents – you should be angry and outraged. Your elected representatives are not working in your best interest. A Minneapolis developer presented Town of Russell and Bayfield County officials with a plan for an up-scale, fly-in resort and boutique hotel complex, and the vague promise of a few jobs, and received Town of Russell approval for the plan, even though the location was obviously inappropriate for a large resort and jet airstrip. The Zoning Committee recommended the zoning change in spite of the widespread public opposition to spot zoning to accommodate this inappropriate project. The Bayfield County Board approved this zoning change even though the board room was filled to standing room only with county residents speaking against this accommodation. The biggest rezone in the history of Bayfield County was routinely passed without the thorough review requested by county residents, and which was appropriate for a complex proposal of this magnitude. No member of the Zoning Committee, or County Board, visited the proposed development site prior to offering their recommendation, or vote, on this critical issue.

The proposed resort, if allowed to proceed, will negatively impact the appeal of the Bayfield experience in more ways than we can mention here. Some obviously are - jet aircraft flying low over the National Park will disturb sailors, kayakers, campers, and fishermen. Jet aircraft noise will negatively impact the business of local berry and apple farms. Additionally, the business-class jet airport on Madeline Island, which just had a 1.5 million dollar makeover, and is supported by Island hotels, restaurants, and the golf course, will likely lose business to an airport/resort on the mainland. The negative impact therefore, extends far beyond the local Town of Russell.

The Committee for Responsible Land Use has challenged the zoning change. You can help us win our case. Turn your anger into action. Donate to our cause, Vote those who voted for the rezone out of office: William Kacvinsky, Shawn Miller, Kenneth "Bucky" Jardine, James Beeksma, David Good, Brett Rondeau, and Wayne Williams.

With your help, we can preserve the unique environmental resources and quality of life in our community.

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