Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Court sends Shadow Wood Landing rezone back to square one

Judge reverses zoning change and remands to Bayfield County

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Published: Tuesday, February 2, 2010, Daily Press, Ashland, WI
Reprinted with permission

WASHBURN — Following about 40 minutes of oral arguments, Bayfield County Circuit Court Judge John Anderson Monday reversed a zoning change on 380 acres of land in Bayfield County's Town of Russell and sent the matter of Shadow Wood Landing back to the Bayfield County Board for reconsideration.

The rezoning is the first step in a planned exclusive fly-in development that would eventually include such amenities as a private airstrip, associated condominiums and a hotel complex. A Minneapolis-based group called CFS-LLC proposed the development and sought the rezoning changes needed to create the project.

Opposing the project is a group called "Committee for Responsible Land Use," made up primarily of area landowners, which asserts the project was developed arbitrarily and without adequate community input, does not meet requirements of the Town of Russell Land Use Plan and doesn't meet shoreland zoning requirements based on the presence of a navigable stream on the property. Anderson made his ruling based on only one of those three arguments advanced by the plaintiffs, the issue of shoreland zoning.

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