Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebration and Our Work Continues....Issue being hurried through new process

Join Us at Stage North for our Celebration on February 28th. Live music- good times!

However, our work continues. The County is quickly ushering the issue through the requisite meetings. Here's the meeting schedule:

  • Town of Russell votes on rezone, March 9
  • Zoning Committee votes on rezone, March 18th
  • County Board votes on rezone, March 30th

The Shadow Wood Development rezone process, which has been described by the developer as the largest rezone in the history of Bayfield County, needs to provide the appropriate opportunity for public input, which was initially ignored, and to address the substantial issues relative to this project.

We, the citizens of Bayfield County, have the opportunity to vote for County Board members on April 6th. Be sure to mark your calendar and vote on April 6th.

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