Friday, March 12, 2010

Citations filed charging CFS-LLC with environmental violations

Three citations were filed on February 22, in Bayfield Circuit Court charging CFS-LLC, a Minneapolis based corporation who is developing a 380 acre site on Compton road, with failure to control erosion, failure to develop an erosion control plan, and failure to obtain a construction site stormwater permit before land disturbance took place. These violations have a combined maximum penalty of over $44,000. A CFS representative will appear in Bayfield Circuit Court on April 5th to answer to the charges.

The CFS Corporation parcel is slated for a development known as Shadow Wood Landing, a fly-in, resort development with a jet aircraft capable airstrip, hotel, restaurant, bar, gas station, and high density housing. The site's steep hillside was cleared for development, which has resulted in stormwater runoff and erosion of soils into the wetlands that comprise the Pike's Creek headwaters. Pike's Creek is a well-known northern Wisconsin Class I trout stream.

CFS construction activity has also obliterated all evidence of an intermittent stream on this parcel, and destroyed multiple wetlands. This stream, and these wetlands, appear on current USGS and Bayfield County maps, as well as on the maps prepared by CFS-LLC's own engineering consultant.

Wisconsin State DNR and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who were denied access to the construction site by CFS-LLC, were forced to obtain a court order allowing the inspection that revealed these multiple environmental problems. CFS-LLC, subsequently, submitted a wetlands restoration proposal to these agencies to avoid additional citations for violating the Federal Clean Water Act.

At the same time that these violations were occurring, Annalisa Cariveau, CFS-LLC President and CEO, sent out a mailer to local residents, titled "Planting the Facts", in which she states:
"CFS has been proactive and has gone well beyond existing requirements to ensure protection measures are established and are in place when it concerns the environment. We will continue to work with our highly experienced team of professional engineers and planners to follow best practices throughout every phase of the project. Erosion and run off prevention methods have been implemented to protect the land. The ultimate goal for the storm water management plan throughout the entire duration of the project will be to actually provide more contained, better channeled, and cleaner water than it was in its previous over-logged state. Responsible use of best practices to achieve this objective will protect the surrounding environment and important ecosystems from any harmful impact."

Ms. Cariveau also states that "her inspiration for doing this development is a way to give back and do something positive for a community she holds dear to her heart." This developers' utter disregard for state and federal environmental regulations reflects her disingenuous attitude and behavior, and that of the corporation she represents.

CFS-LLC officials were unavailable for comment on these citations issued for violations of state environmental laws.

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