Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Town Board Votes Again March 16

It appears that the Town of Russell Board is attempting to wear down the opposition to the CFS LLC 380 acre rezone proposal that was tabled at last night's meeting. Seventeen community members spoke in opposition and 1 in favor of the CFS Corporation's proposal to rezone 380 acres within a forested rural district, to build a proposed fly-in resort known as Shadow Wood Landing. The Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of tabling the rezone.

A mere 18 hours after the meeting adjourned, the Town called another special meeting for Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at the Community Center to take a revote on the rezone proposal.

The CFS-LLC rezone request of the 380 acre parcel in the Town of Russell will be heard at the County Zoning Meeting just 2 days later, on March 18th. The meeting schedule is as follows, unless the Town reposts the meeting date and/or time:

  • Town of Russell Board votes on rezone, March 16, 7 pm
  • Zoning Committee votes on rezone, March 18, 1 pm
  • County Board votes on rezone, March 30, 6 pm

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Nancy Trapp said...

Please , we need to have a HUGE crowd of angry people at this next meeting. Tell everyone about this meeting and get them there. Thanks. Nancy Trapp