Monday, March 8, 2010

Town Meeting Tuesday at 7 pm

The Town of Russell is meeting Tues, March 9, 7 pm, at the Community Center, to vote on the original 2008 rezone application, which has now been resubmitted by CFS-LLC. Annalisa Cariveau, CFS-LLC president and ceo, has asked the citizenry, at last Thursday’s Plan Commission Meeting, to disregard her widely disseminated proposed plans for the parcel and just vote for the rezone and trust CFS-LLC to do what's right for the community.

CFS-LLC is requesting that 44.4 acres currently zoned Forestry (F-1) be rezoned commercial. Most of the currently zoned A-1 land will be relocated from one area of the parcel to another in order to accomodate a jet runway, and the remainder of the parcel with be changed from F-1 to R-RB. So what is currently 100 acres of A-1 and 280 acres of F, will become 44.4 acres of C, 247.3 acres of R-RB, and 78.6 acres of A-1. Over 90% of the parcel is slated for rezoning.

At previous Town and County meetings, Ms. Cariveau has outlined the Corporation’s plan for a large upscale residential resort development that will include a boutique hotel, restaurant, gas station, high density housing, and a jet airstrip.

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