Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Bayfield County

The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is a time to reflect on the future for the Bayfield peninsula. What legacy will we leave our children and grandchildren? Do we want to leave a vibrant, sustainable community that includes small cities, towns, farmland, orchards, and small businesses? Will our grandchildren live and work here - in a community that is a model for green communities everywhere?

Or do we want to allow a few people to profit from the natural resources of our peninsula, sucking it dry of all the goodness that residents enjoy today. Will we leave a "tourist ghetto" - just another stop on the tour of "must do" places? Will our children be scattered to the wind in an effort to find good employment and escape high taxes?

Our County could be a model for rural mass transit, or it could be choked with traffic and the noise of incoming air flights. Our community could be a model for small town sustainability, or it could be another Aspen. We could be leaders in valuing the residents of our communities and in finding innovative ways to meet their needs, or we could force those who are not wealthy to move elsewhere. We could work together to solve the problems that are inherent in growth, or we could give up and sell our lands and resources to the highest bidder.

The choice is yours. Call your County Board representative and share your vision for the future of Bayfield County.

Congratulations to the new Bayfield County Board Supervisors; Patti Rantala, Beth Meyers, Bill Bussey, and John Bennett.

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