Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shadow Wood developers plead no contest on DNR violations

Ashland Daily Press, April 27, 2010

The developers of an exclusive fly-in development in northern Bayfield County Monday agreed to a deposit forfeiture of over $2,000 to settle a trio of Department of Natural Resources water control law violations in Bayfield County Circuit Court.

The development organization, CFS LLC, agreed to a stipulated agreement in the case, which was a civil action taken by the Department of Natural Resources under the state's water control laws. The stipulated agreement said the action was taken against CFS for land-disturbing logging clean-up at their 380-acre tract in the Town of Russell. The stipulation said the parties involved wanted to settle the matter by agreeing to the payment of CFS of $1,159 as part of a no-contest plea on two citations, while a third citation was to be dismissed.

The two counts included charges failed to inspect or monitor erosion control best management practices or to maintain inspection. DNR Conservation Warden Pat Quintance issued the three citations. The citation noted that Quintance observed no erosion control measures in place at the project that would commonly be used to protect water resources. He also noted that there had been no inspection report done for the project.

The second charge for which CFS entered a no contest plea was that they failed to develop an appropriate site-specific erosion control plan for the development.

A charge that CFS had failed to apply for coverage under a construction site stormwater discharge permit at least 14 working days before beginning land disturbance was dismissed.

The citations were issued on September 24 of last year and the court date had been set for last January, but the original charges were dismissed because they had been improperly filed against Annalisa Cariveau, president and chief executive officer of CFS LLC, instead of the corporation itself.

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