Saturday, August 7, 2010

Court to reopen original suit opposing rezone decision

The CFRLU has successfully petitioned the circuit court to reopen the original suit opposing Bayfield County's rezone of the CFS LLC Compton Road property to accommodate the inappropriate development plans of this out of state corporation. The Court has also granted the CFRLU's motion to require the County to supplement the record with regard to proceedings that followed the Court's original remand record. In granting this motion, Judge Anderson noted that he had not addressed the other issues/claims in the original CFRLU complaint, since one error by the County (failure to follow shoreland zoning procedure) had been dispositive. The County was given 60 days to file the supplemental record.

The CFRLU is heartened by this development, as we believe that Bayfield County, in granting this rezone request, violated additional County Ordinances and/or State Statutes. We are confident that these infractions will be clearly demonstrated at trial. The continued strong support of the community, and concerned individuals and organizations from around the state and county, is most appreciated.