Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shadow Wood Landing now Waypoint

The Minneapolis-based CFS LLC Corporation’s proposed project, Shadow Wood Landing, has been replaced with a new venture, dubbed Waypoint, according to a recent CFS LLC fact sheet released to the media. CFS LLC’s plans for Waypoint include a fly-in residential community of 100 homes, an airstrip located on the ridge top of their Compton Road property, hangars, and hangar homes.

CFS LLC executives did not mention maintenance or repair facilities, or fueling stations, in their project fact sheet, but these services would be necessary components of a fly-in residential community project.

CFS LLC spokesperson, Annalisa Cariveau, states that she expects 10 take-off and landings per week at Waypoint. This number of flights seems artificially low as it would allow each homeowner one take-off and landing every 2-1/2 months. This estimate is just 6% of the number of take-off and landings at the airstrip on Madeline Island, a community of 220 residents.

CFS LLC is currently at work restoring the wetlands that were knowingly filled in during the preliminary construction of a runway at the original airstrip location planned for the property. CFS LLC, in meetings with the WDNR and the Army Corp of Engineers, has agreed to restore the wetlands on the property, and move the airstrip to a new location. Destroying wetlands is a violation of Federal statutes.

In a related development, the Red Cliff Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa has received a $23.5 million loan to construct a hotel, conference center, restaurant, and bar facility, plus a new casino and campground, on tribal property located on Lake Superior in the Village of Red Cliff. The project will begin this fall and is expected to be completed fall of 2011.

Unlike the Waypoint project, the development in Red Cliff is slated for property targeted in the Town of Russell Comprehensive Plan as appropriate for commercial development. The Red Cliff development is appropriate for the location, has a well-defined concept, and, therefore, has broad community support.