Thursday, October 7, 2010

Russell Comprehensive Plan Commission divided on Waypoint Conditional Use Permit recommendation

The Town of Russell Comprehensive Plan Commission split 2-2 Tuesday night on a vote to recommend to the Town Board that they grant their recommendation to the County, for a conditional use permit for an airport and 20 hangars on the CFS LLC Compton Road property.

CFS spokesperson, Annalisa Cariveau, and two lawyers representing the Minneapolis developer, Steve Katkov of Minneapolis, and Matt Anich of Ashland, questioned commission members for over an hour Tuesday night, concerning assertions that the airport was not in compliance with the Town of Russell Comprehensive Plan.

One commission member asked to see the entire plan for the 380 parcel that will be developed as Waypoint – a fly-in community development. Katkov said that CFS is only asking for a conditional use permit for an airport at this time and does not need to submit a plan for the development. Katkov said that CFS would return time and time again for conditional use permits for up to 247 homes, commercial buildings, and businesses that are slated for the development.

Rocky Tribovich, a plan commission member, abstained from voting because his construction company is currently employed by CFS LLC at the Compton Road site.

The conditional use permit recommendation will be taken up by the Town of Russell Board at their next meeting, Tuesday, October 19, at 7 pm, at the Town of Russell Community Center.

The Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Committee will consider the CFS request for a conditional use permit to construct and operate an airport at the Compton Road site, at their Thursday, October 21, 1 pm meeting. The CFS request for a conditional use permit does not require action by the county board, and, if approved by the planning and zoning committee, will take effect immediately.

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