Sunday, December 5, 2010

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone” - Henry David Thoreau *

CFRLU Challenges Planning and Zoning Committee Decision

In September 2010, CFS filed for a conditional use permit to build an airport and 20 60’ x 60’ hangars. The 380 acre development has been renamed Waypoint, which will be an “airpark” with a 4000’ asphalt business class jet capable runway, 60’ x 60’ hangars, hangar homes, 100 homesites, (perhaps as many as 280 homesites), commercial buildings and businesses. CFS will not share a plan for the whole development – they state it is not required by law – but they are currently promoting, on their website and in press releases, hangars, hangar homes and homesites.

The airport will be privately owned and for private use of the owners of homes, hangars, or property in the Waypoint development. CFS has suggested that there will be only 10 take-off and landings per week at Waypoint, in comparison to 22 take-off and landings per day at the nearby Madeline Island Airport. The CFS estimate of 10 per week seems artificially low as it would allow each of the 100 homeowners – assuming that all are also airplane owners - to take-off and land once every 2-1/2 months.

The County Planning and Zoning Committee approved the airport conditional Use Permit on October 21, 2010, providing that CFS receives the required DNR approval for the airport site. The runway construction would require 14’ of fill to level nearly an acre of a mapped wetland. The airport construction site drains down an erodible hillside into the wetlands that surround North Pike’s Creek, a Class I trout stream.

The CFRLU believes that the County Planning and Zoning Committee decision to approve this CFS Conditional Use Permit application disregards the many well reasoned, valid objections presented by a large number of constituents at the October Planning and Zoning Committee meeting; the Waypoint airport and associated development is not in the best interests of Bayfield County or its residents; and the CFS Conditional Use Permit Application fails to satisfy the criteria in Section 13-1-41(b)(4) of the County Zoning Ordinance. In consideration of these substantial errors, the CFRLU has petitioned the Board of Adjustment to reverse the County Planning and Zoning Committee’s decision to grant CFS a Conditional Use Permit. This appeal will be considered February 18, 2011.

*Quoted from Bayfield County Comprehensive Plan Update 2010, pgs 1 and 6.

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